FBC Comanche Youth

Glorifying God, Making Disciples, and Magnifying the Name of Jesus!

Sunday Morning Small Groups

Join us after Sunday worship for small group Bible study as we dig into God’s Word together!

Sunday Night Home Groups

On Sunday nights we meet in the homes of church members together from 6-8 p.m. Students lead these times and we encourage you not to miss out!

Wednesday Night Restoration

From 6-8 p.m., join us as we eat free food, play fun games, and worship our Lord by singing and learning about what God’s Word is saying to us!

Fields of Faith!

FBC! It's been a MONDAY. The next two weeks will be here and gone before you know it. So, here's a quick preview of what's going on!   Wednesday Night is Fields of Faith at Gordon Wood Stadium in Brownwood. There will be NO youth activities at FBC. We will meet...

Fast Start!

Hey FBC! October's off to a fast start! Plenty of opportunities right in front of us. Just a reminder for our men/boys: The campout at the Carroll Farm is TOMORROW! There will be 2 groups leaving from the church. The first at 5 and second at 6. Don't miss out on this...


FBC! Last day of September. What are you going to do with it? A new month is upon us. It brings new days and fresh starts. Let's be sure to make the most of it! First Wednesday of the month at FBC. Join us as we kick things off the right way from 6-8. Bring a Bible...

Prayer’s Powerful!

Hey Everybody! We've had an incredible week so far. Yesterday was very powerful! From 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Comanche students were praying. Watch out Comanche, the Lord is at work! Be ready and join Him!   We'll be together again Sunday for another great time...


FBC! What a weekend and day it has been! There is SO much to celebrate and that continues this week. It’s global week of student prayer. So, let’s be sure to remember the power of prayer and make a commitment to join in!   Wednesday is a full day. We’ll kick...

Nursing Homes, Wheelchairs, and BINGO!

Hey FBC! We have a great opportunity ahead. It's the 4th Sunday of the month. That means it's Service Sunday in place of Home Groups. Join us at 9 that morning for worship and follow it up with a visit to Western Hills that afternoon.   We will meet there from...

Wednesday’s Coming!

FBC! Wednesday's coming! Join us from 6-8. It's time to re-focus. SO, take a break and let's celebrate what it's all about and be compelled to go live strong! Challenge of the week: Get rid of the distration this week. Specifically, limit social media. (tv, games,...

Mid-Month Sunday!

Happy Thursday! The weekend is on the horizon and we're making plans! Join us for Sunday worship at FBC. We're right in the middle of the month. Need a pick me up? We got you! Going Strong? Finish Strong! Either way...JOIN US. We'll be there at 9 with the lights on....

Am I Where I Need to Be?

FBC! We had a great time at the 5th Quarter. Lots of fun and fellowship. We're looking to keep things going in the right direction. Join us in that and come for another great time together Wednesday night as we celebrate all the Lord is doing. Be there from 6 to 8....

BIG Weekend!

FBC! BIG weekend ahead!!! We'll kick things off tomorrow night. We'll be hosting the 5th Quarter after the game until midnight. Be sure not to miss out and bring a friend. Fun, food, games, door prizes, and more!   Sunday's coming right behind it. We'll be here...


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October 2019

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  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Soda Shop
  • Home Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Wednesday Night Restoration

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