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From young adults to seniors, we have places for everyone to come and grow in the word.

Sunday Mornings

Come and join a smaller group of individuals seeking to know the Lord.  We offer classes for all seasons of life every Sunday morning at 10:10.

Wednesday Evenings

Wednesday Prayer Meeting Begins at 7:00.  Come hear the prayer requests of our church, study the word, and connect with fellow believers.  (Children’s activities are also offered)

Stay for Choir practice at 7:45 and make a joyful noise with us!

Additional Ministry Opportunities

Please visit our ministries page for more information on how to get involved and use your spiritual gifts!

We currently offer 2 Young Adult Sunday School Classes.  These classes are geared towards Young singles, marrieds, and married with children still in school!

Kingdom Men – Taught by Gary Bear
A Men’s class with an age range of 19 – 60.  Study material is a mix of the Bible and/or a Bible study from organizations such as LifeWay.  This is a new class that was started in order to disciple men in becoming the Kingdom men God has called us to be. Come join us! We’re just a group of ordinary guys desiring to be the men, husbands, and/or fathers God has designed us to be!

Young Women – Taught by Amber Deal

We have four Adult Sunday School classes on Sunday mornings, each one different in design, but all with one purpose to further our knowledge of Jesus Christ!

We will be updating the Classes names and more of a description for each one in the Coming days

Adult 2 Class A – Taught by Doug Thomas & David Bridges
This class uses series type studies similar to the Young Adult classes, that allow them to have discussion and apply it to the different walks of life that meet each Sunday Morning. Ages of class members range from right out of College to mid 50’s.

Adult 2 Class B – Taught by All Members
This class uses LifeWay Quarterly Bible studies, which are 13 week studies.

Adult 3 Class A – Taught by Dr. Richard Byrd
Richard Byrd teaches this Class on Sunday mornings. The focus is on biblical teaching and understanding. All of the classes at FBC teach from the Bible and about Jesus Christ, but this class focuses more directly on going through the Bible a little at a time, trying to grow in understanding it.

Odds & Ends Class – Taught by Gary Lacy
This class teaches from the Bible while also learning how to apply Jesus’ teachings to the current lifestyles they lead.

We have two designated Senior Adult Classes at FBC. Both of these classes are taught by a rotation of teachers and are a great place to come in and get to know people!

Adult 4 Joy Class – Taught by Sarah Key, Mary Ann Power, & Ruth Adele Waggoner
This Ladies Sunday School Class is a more traditional class that uses Curriculum from Lifeway to help this group grow towards a better understanding of the Gospel.

Adult Open Age Pairs & SparesTaught by Vernon Helgren, Rick Howard, Glen Morgan, & Stan Wilson
This Co-Ed Sunday School Class is more traditional class that also uses Curriculum from Lifeway to help them grow towards a better understanding of the Gospel.

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