It’s getting cold! I hope you’re staying warm. I’ll go ahead and give the planned activities for this weekend BUT please stay tuned for updates due to weather changes, etc.
Sunday kicks off at 9 at this moment. Bring a jacket and a blanket. Home Groups are from 6-8 in the youth building. It’ll be VALENTINES DAY. So, bring a hot date…i promise it will be one of the least romantic times you’ll have. We will use our time as a service project in more ways than one.
*PARENTS OF 1ST – 6TH GRADERS: We want to provide a DATE NIGHT for you. Drop your kids off (no younger than 1st grade) for FREE with us & go enjoy a date night with just the two of you. You deserve it. *Pending weather and changes, if something happens for us to cancel, we WILL make it up to you the following Sunday.
Verse of the week is *1 Samuel 2:25a. This is definitely something for us to ponder as we live out our faith.
-Thanks and God Bless,