FBC Family: Due to the advisement of others, recent updates, and respect/precautions we will NOT be having youth services until further notice. This decision is not based on fear. God is in control! We simply want to determine the best way to SERVE our family. Know that we will continue to do so and remember you don’t have to “go” to church to “be” the church. So, rest in God. Continue in worship. BE the hands and feet in this time of need. Allow God to use you to point others to Him. What a time and opportunity to do so! Love and Blessings to you all. *At this point in time we will ONLY have the 9 a.m. worship service as last Sunday for our joint fellowship. Stay tuned for updates. Remember: it’s your decision. If you’re sick, uneasy, etc. stay home. That’s more than ok! You do what’s best for you. 

-Thanks and God Bless,