Hey Family!

HAPPY MONDAY! One thing to celebrate today/this week. TECHNOLOGY. We know the woes it can bring, but perhaps now we can not only see the good but begin to utilize it for even greater purposes! Accept that as a challenge: utilize technolgy to be the church and advance the Gospel. Remember, we don’t cease as a church, we continue to be the church through new avenues.


We’ll be trying to be “up” on our social media accounts during this time for our youth. In addition, you may see a live video from time to time. One thing we are working on is seeing if the youth can connect through a video platform like zoom/skype.


In this time we want to HEAR from youth/parents. What are the needs of our youth in Comanche? How can we connect? How can we serve? What would you like to see us do as a youth? What suggestions or ideas can you bring to the table? All in all, let’s be the technological church. We have the resources. Let’s use them!


-Thanks and God Bless,