Hey FBC!

Another week is about to be behind us as we gear up for our next big week! We’ll be at Super Summer next Mon. – Fri. If you’re going, here’s what you need to know.


We’ll leave from the church at 1 p.m. Eat Lunch before you come! Don’t forget your $10 bill.


Everyone is welcome to send an E-Gram to a student at camp. Grab one from the church, write an encouraging note, and give it to Gary Bear or the church office by Monday morning. Please be in prayer for the 12 participants we have.


If you have any questions you missed in the meeting, don’t hesitate to ask!


Sunday’s coming! Join us at FBC for worship at 9. There will be no home groups nor Wednesday night activities this coming week.


Your verse of the week is *Acts 11:17; Let God be God. Trust Him. Follow His lead.


-Thanks and God Bless,