Hey Spring Breakers!
I hope your time off was great. We’re back to it though, so let’s be sure to make the most of everything in front of us. Youth activities resume their normal schedule Wednesday night from 6-8. Don’t miss out on another opportunity to worship together. You should wear green if you have any…just a suggestion 😉
Hopefully you received a letter this weekend from FBC Comanche. If you have not, let me know! We are excited to say we officially have camps to sign up for! That letter contains everything you need to know in regards to dates, fees, and registration information. REMEMBER: We have a MUCH SHORTER time period to register than normal. Please see me with any questions.
Challenge of the Week: PAUSE. That’s right. Take a break and BE STILL. No, this is not an excuse to be lazy. This is a chance to pause twice a day and re center yourself on Christ. Let Him take the stresses around you away.
-Thanks and God Bless,