Report from Brother Van:

Dear Church,


As you probably have heard by now, Gov. Abbott has declared a State Emergency over the corona virus. Part of this emergency status is the prohibition of social gatherings over 10 people. That includes us.


So, as of today, we will not have a public service on Sunday. It will take 10 of us as a skeleton crew just to make the service available for the radio. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how much I hate to do this, but we will have to turn away anyone who is not part of that skeleton crew. Yes, unfortunately, this means you. Whoever you are. We simply cannot make exceptions.


Obviously, we need to get this word out as quickly and thoroughly as possible. In addition to this email, we are contacting different groups to help spread the word. It will be on the church Facebook pages. I urge you to share that with as many people as you can. Even with all our efforts, I am afraid that we will have two or three who do not get the word and show up to find the doors locked. Please do all you can to help us avoid that.


This Sunday, the service will be broadcast as normal on KCOM 1150 AM and 100.1 FM at 11:00. By next Sunday, we should be set up to do a Facebook Live service at 9:00.


I sound like a parrot, but I will say it again. We will make it through this. Please be patient. God is still at work.


Thank you,


Bro. Van