So, I hear this “expression” that “we’re worried about the next generation.” I’d like to argue that for a second. I’m not sure who ‘we’ is and why “we’re worried.” This is a glimpse into what I see week in and week out. This picture shows 35 “next generation” students on their knees before the Lord in PRAISE and asking Him what He wants from them. IMAGINE…what if the “we’re worried” people did the same thing? What if we all ACTUALLY turned to Jesus!?
Verse of the Week is *Psalm 117:1; I’ll make you a PROMISE. Do what this verse says and your life WILL be impacted for the BETTER. I have the honor of serving a generation who is READY, a generation who is HUNGRY, and a generation striving to be BETTER. I PRAISE God for that, I learn from the “next generation,” and I strive to do what they teach me.
Join us for worship Sunday morning at 9 at FBC. You won’t be disappointed. 1st Sunday of the month! Start it with PRAISE.
There will be NO Home Groups/Wed. Night Youth Service March 7th, 10th, or 14th. Enjoy the break and seek to grow with Christ!
-Thanks and God Bless,