Hey FBC!

2019 is in full gear and we have lots in store. Stay up to date and don’t miss out on what’s in store! Hopefully the majority of you have received a letter containing upcoming events, deadlines, fees, etc. If not, stop by the church and grab one! It’ll sure come in handy. Registrations are officially open, plan ahead!


Due to the weather, we will now be going to Primetime this Saturday from 2-10. As before, if your name is not on the list, we do not have a spot for you. So, be certain to confirm with me whether or not you’re on the list. If you have not confirmed your availability for Saturday, you may lose your spot and be filled by someone else.


This Sunday is the FIRST of the year! Let’s be sure to start 2019 Sundays off with a bang. Make an effort to be consistent this year. As in everything, consistency pays off! Home groups are at the Reynolds’, 1200 NW 36 HWY, at 6. Be there!


-Thanks and God BLess,