What a week! The month is coming to a close and a new one is ahead. That means a fresh start and opportunity to keep moving forward! 1st Sunday of the month is right around the corner. Make plans to join us as we kick off September the right way! Remember, we are officially booked for 6 Flags. We will be leaving from the youth building at 12 p.m. (Hopefully you have an hour to change/eat after church) and will be returning around midnight. If you have a season pass, PLEASE don’t forget it…otherwise you will NOT have a ticket.


In the meantime…Friday night lights kick off this week. The 1st 5th Quarter of the year will be at Eastiside. Make plans to join in on a fun, safe time after the game!


Verse of the week is *Acts 14:7; just keep living for Jesus! No. Matter. What.


-Thanks and God Bless,