Update Thursday:

If you have not heard yet, we received the unfortunate news that Journey Camp has been CANCELLED next week for the youth. While it is disappointing, it is also very understandable. Above all else, God is in control and we want to show that through our love and respect for others. Thus, we will choose to continue MOVING FORWARD regardless of the context. God is good and perhaps we get to experience Him in a fresh, new way we otherwise would not have. Please be in prayer for our students, church, and Highland Lakes.


Verse of the Week is *Psalm 9:9; the Lord is our refuge and stonghold. Don’t doubt it. Let Him be your ANCHOR.


We’ll be here Sunday morning at 9. Join us in person or LIVE on Facebook for a great time of worship together. There will be NO home groups Sunday evening.


-Thanks and God Bless,