What a great day it’s been. I had the privilege this morning of seeing how Comanche I.S.D. honors its veterans. Proud of our community and proud of our kids who were involved! Remember the men and women who preserve the freedom to follow Christ for you and never forget to take full advantage of that freedom! “Don’t ever give up in freedom what we would never give up in persecution!” -the persected church. We have the freedom to declare Jesus as King! How dare we not when people give their lives to declare and their lives for us to be able to.


Make plans to join us for an amazing free opportunity to worship the King this Sunday morning at 9 at FBC! We’ll be following it with Bible Study at 10, an FBC operated Soda Shop from 1-5, and home groups at 6 at Sherry Reynold’s home, 141 Mountainview Trail. Don’t miss out!


Your verse for the week is *Acts 1:14. The believers constantly prayed together. What’s CONSTANT in your life?


-Thanks and God Bless,