Hey FBC!!!

It’s another great week in Comanche with both literal and Spiritual showers of blessings. Let’s not forget to praise God for them and join in on what He is doing.


I want to go ahead and clear up some confusion I may have caused. We were needing transportation for only the little kids going home tomorrow night after RA’s/GA’s. Our youth will have rides provided. Update: Thanks to the Byrds our need has been met!


Tomorrow Night is Fields of Faith at Gordon Wood Stadium in Brownwood where hundreds of local students will gather for a great time of corporate worship together. FBC youth will be meeting at and leaving from the church at 6 p.m. Parents, please note that we will not be back until 10-10:30 p.m. Any students wanting to join us who cannot make it by 6 p.m. or if we run out of room, will be able to do so by meeting in the high school parking lot after practice. There will be 1, possibly 2, school buses provided to transport our Comanche students to and from FIelds of Faith. Lack of transportation is no longer a reason to miss! Thanks Comanche I.S.D. and Coach Sanchez. Let’s make a great showing of Comanche folks!


Remember, your challenge for the week is to do what is hardest for most of us to do. We must admit when we have done the wrong. Find the person/persons you need to make amends with and apologize to them. The goal is unity, not separation.


-Thanks and God Bless,