Hey FBC!

October’s off to a fast start! Plenty of opportunities right in front of us. Just a reminder for our men/boys: The campout at the Carroll Farm is TOMORROW! There will be 2 groups leaving from the church. The first at 5 and second at 6. Don’t miss out on this great time of fun, fellowship, and ministry of men.


That’s followed up by our weekly Sunday services! We’ll be here at 9 for the first Sunday of the month. Come start things off right with us. Home Groups are at the Deal’s, 901 E Cedar, from 6-8.


Fields of Faith is next Wednesday. There will be no youth service at FBC. Join us at the high school at 6 p.m. sharp and we will all leave together for Brownwood. It will be a late night, so make arrangements in advance!


Verse of the Week: *Acts 15:31; is this the response we get for what we do? Be about what you’re supposed to be about!


-Thanks and God Bless,