Hey Everybody!

I hope everyone is doing well. If you haven’t heard, we unfortunately have decided to postpone the gathering together of our regular church services for another couple of weeks due to the governor’s address today and covid restrictions. However, BE ENCOURAGED! We are looking forward to being together SOONER than later. Stay tuned for updates and look forward with great anticipation alongside us of things to come! God is good…all the time, and all the time…God is good!


In fact, our challenge of the week is to ENCOURAGE a Senior. This is graduation week and encouragement goes a long way! It’s an easy way to be on mission. Be an encourager.


We’re looking forward to our time together Wednesday, LIVE on Instagram at 3. Don’t miss out. Plan now to be a part of our virtual worship and tell your friends! We have something special for our seniors and you will be able to hear from a couple of them! Again, be encouraged and do some encouraging.


-Thanks and God Bless,