Christmas Story

Hey Friends,

Christmas Day is almost here! Hope you enjoy this illustration presented by Zeph Christian from last night. Bottom line…do you truly know what Christmas is all about? Take everything a way…one thing remains, God’s gift to you and I. Will you receive it? Do you believe it? Christmas changed EVERYTHING!


Until the 25th we have some things in store for you. Join us for worship at FBC Sunday morning at 9. We’ll have a great time together in celebration of the risen and returning King. We’ll follow with a great time of small group study at 10. Don’t miss out and bring your family and friends! There will be no Sunday Evening activities for youth or adults.


Your verse for the week is *Hosea 11:4; this is God’s response despite how we are. How will this cause you to live this season!?


Heads up: Jan. 2 the youth will be going to Primetime in Abilene. I have a sign up sheet. Find me to make sure you get a spot and ask me for more details if needed!


-Thanks and God Bless,