A word we really don’t want to hear anymore. YET, a word that can also bring LIFE! God is working for your good, CANCELLING your debts and calling you to eternity. I’m so thankful for that cancellation in my life. It makes me long to see what God has in store through these current cancellations. Remember, He is faithful, let’s be found faithful as well.


Sunday’s coming! We’ll be here at 9 ready to worship. Make sure you join us. In place of home groups, the youth will be meeting Amber and her team at 3 p.m. at the church for preparation for an unconentional VBS week. Join us for this great opportunity to serve as we help put together and distribute VBS kits for our community at home.


Verse of the Week is *Romans 8:37; MORE THAN CONQUERORS. Let’s live like it. Don’t be held back. Move FORWARD in Christ!


-Thanks and God Bless,