Hey Everybody!

Welcome to November. FBC had a great last day of October yesterday. Trunk or Treat was a huge success thanks to the leadership of Kay Quast and her team. We may be on day 1 of a new month, but don’t blink or it just may be over!


Tomorrow is a big day full of opportunity for Comanche students. At 7:30 a.m. there will be a FCA kickoff in the highschool gym for both Junior High and High School Students. Later that evening Comanche will beat Dublin on Senior night. Afterwards, we’ll celebrate together until midnight at FBC and the 5th quarter. FBC students are encouraged to bring drinks/sweets if you’re a boy and chips/dips if you’re a girl. Don’t miss out!


Saturday morning you have an opportunity to help the community by helping with the christmas lights on the square at 9 a.m. Christmas!? Yes…it’s already that time.


Don’t forget to spend the first Sunday of the month with us at FBC. We’ll be celebrating with baptisms! Home groups will look a little different Sunday night. We will be joining the church at 7 to hear a report from Katy Reynolds about her trip to Vietnam. Come hear how God worked and catch a vision for the world you may not even know about.


Your verse for the week is *Acts 1:8. Be a part of the meaningful mission!


-Thanks and God Bless,