Another month is on the horizon…it’s been crazy to say the least. As time goes on and circumstances change, our God remains constant. Let’s be sure to be constant in Him. He’s called us to be missional no matter what. There’s not one way to be missional. Challenge of the Week: choose one thing you do each day in your new “normal” and make that bring glory to Christ! Continue the mission! God is present. Make Him known.


Don’t forget to join us LIVE on instagram Wednesday afternoon. Note we will not go live on facebook…youth are over facebook, lol. It will not save on instagram so be sure to check our page within 24 hours!


*Thanks for those who joined us on our first ZOOM home group. We’ll continue meeting through zoom on Sundays at 3. Let everyone know. Before you join please make sure your zoom account has your name; otherwise, you will not be admitted!


-Thanks and God Bless,