Hey Everybody,

We’re already back in full swing with church, school, and community life, but relax…you already have a holiday coming Monday! (such a tough life)


In the meantime, remember to stay up to date with all we have going on for the youth! Deadlines are coming fast and you need to be sure to sign up for what you want while you can. Couple of things coming up first. 1) D’Now is Feb. 15-17. It’s only $25. Deadline to register is Feb. 3 2) Make sure you have a spot for Journey Camp July 14-18. $50 deposit will reserve your spot due Feb. 24.


Our first youth fundraiser opportunity will be here and gone before you know it. We’ll be having a chili luncheon on Jan. 20 immediately following the Sunday School hour at 11 a.m. Youth need to be there to help serve as well as help bring some items. Parents who want to know what they need to bring may contact me.


Be sure to stay consistent this year and worship with us this Sunday at 9 a.m. It will be an amazing day together. Don’t miss out! Youth will be running the Soda Shop from 1-5 and home groups are back at the Thomas’ home from 6-8. 148 Patti Ln. Be there!


Verse of the week is *Acts 3:6. You have the power of God, what are you doing with it?


-Thanks and God Bless,