WHATA WEEK! We have lots of information coming at you fast, deadlines to take note of, and events to be a part of! We’ve been praying for things to happen and be more concrete this year and now it’s all coming at once. Please remain patient and flexible as we work through it all together. Remember to take a look at the letter and register as soon as you can to be a part of an amazing year!
JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS…Tonight is your night! Your very own Bible Study starts at the Deal’s house from 6-8. Don’t miss out! Contact Angie Evans or Audrey for more details.
Sunday’s Coming! Join us for worship at 9 and Home Groups 6-8. We’re looking forward to getting back into the thick of things. Verse of the Week is *1 Samuel 3:4; Are you available? How will you answer?
-Thanks and God Bless,