FBC Comanche Youth

Glorifying God, Making Disciples, and Magnifying the Name of Jesus!

Sunday Morning Small Groups

Join us after Sunday worship for small group Bible study as we dig into God’s Word together!

Sunday Night Home Groups

On Sunday nights we meet in the homes of church members together from 6-8 p.m. Students lead these times and we encourage you not to miss out!

Wednesday Night Restoration

From 6-8 p.m., join us as we eat free food, play fun games, and worship our Lord by singing and learning about what God’s Word is saying to us!

Be ABOUT God. & ‘for’ others!

FBC! How's August treating you so far? Are you making the month count? It's not too late to start! Join us this Sunday at 9. You won't be dissapointed. Home groups are from 6-8.   Verse of the week is *Romans 15:13; let's be sure to trust God in it all and...


Hey Everybody! Happy Monday, August is officially underway! We have the 1st Wednesday of the month coming up, so be a part. Contrary to popular belief, I disagree with the statement "it doesn't matter how you start, it matters how you finish." While how you finish is...

I want to KNOW You God.

FBC! August is soon upon us! Join us for the 1st Sunday of the month and kick things off the right way. We WILL be having home groups from 6-8 at the church. It's going to be a great time of games and fellowship. Don't miss out!   Verse of the Week is...

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.

Happy Thursday! We had a great time together last night and missed all who weren't there. We're continuing to move forward together, but also realizing that starts with the individual. We must look inward and ask what am I doing? Verse of the week is *James 4:8a....


FBC! It's VBS week! No, we may not be hosting this year but YES it is VBS week! Shout out to Amber Deal and her team for creating VBS kits to send to kids in our community. Nothing can stop God's plans! You can still be a part by praying for both the kids and parents...


#CANCELLED A word we really don't want to hear anymore. YET, a word that can also bring LIFE! God is working for your good, CANCELLING your debts and calling you to eternity. I'm so thankful for that cancellation in my life. It makes me long to see what God has in...

Unaccounted Wednesday

FBC! Happy 13th! We may not be at camp this week BUT we will have an extra Wednesday together we did not account for. Join us for an absolutely amazing time of worship together from 6-8. Remember, our plans may have changed but God is most definitely in control. Let's...

Journey Camp

Update Thursday: If you have not heard yet, we received the unfortunate news that Journey Camp has been CANCELLED next week for the youth. While it is disappointing, it is also very understandable. Above all else, God is in control and we want to show that through our...

Mandatory Meeting

Friendly Reminder: We have an all but mandatory meeting Wednesday night for our Journey Camp attendees. If at all possible, please join us at the very least from 7-8. We will be going over very important camp information in addition to Covid guidlines we must know in...


FBC! It's officially July, it's hot, and there is lots in store. Let's be sure to make the most of this month together. We kicked it off well last night and are looking forward to a great Sunday of Worship together starting at 9. Tell your friends not to miss out on...


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October 2020

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  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Soda Shop
  • Home Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Wednesday Night Restoration

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