FBC Comanche Youth

Glorifying God, Making Disciples, and Magnifying the Name of Jesus!

Sunday Morning Small Groups

Join us after Sunday worship for small group Bible study as we dig into God’s Word together!

Sunday Night Home Groups

On Sunday nights we meet in the homes of church members together from 6-8 p.m. Students lead these times and we encourage you not to miss out!

Wednesday Night Restoration

From 6-8 p.m., join us as we eat free food, play fun games, and worship our Lord by singing and learning about what God’s Word is saying to us!

Calm in the Chaos

Hey Everybody! The weekend is upon us, May is here, and summer is coming! Can you believe it? In the midst of the chaos, cling to what is certain! Join us Sunday at FBC for a great day of worship. We'll be there at 9. In place of home groups our children's ministry...


Happy Monday! Make plans now to join us for a happy Wednesday! This week is all about being men and women of prayer. Remember your challenge for the week is simple yet profound. Take time alone, without anything else, and pray when you wake up and before you go to bed...

What to do When it Rains

Hey Everybody! Happy Thursday, hope you enjoyed the rain. Things are being postponed but I know of something that won't! We'll be here this Sunday starting at 9. Make plans now to join us! Home groups are at the Easley's from 6-8, 10200 HWY 16. Meet at the church at...

He’s STILL Risen!

He's STILL Risen!   Yes, the truth has not changed! Let's be sure to celebrate that EVERY day. What an amazing fact of truth that saves EACH day. Remember your challenge this week: TELL THE STORY!     We'll be back together again Wednesday night from...

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday, Join us tonight at FBC at 7 p.m. as we observe the Lord's Supper. Let's not only celebrate the goodness of Christ this season, but let's begin by reflecting together what exactly He did for us, what that means for us, and what we should do to join...

People of the Word

Happy Monday! Wednesday's coming. Make plans now to join us! 6-8. Bring a Bible and a friend. Yesterday we talked about the fact that if we're going to be effective disciples we must be a people of the Word. Your challenge this week centers around that. 1) Bring your...

Palm Sunday

FBC! We're midway through April. Can you believe it? Don't miss out on what's going on. Easter's coming, let's be sure to prepare ourselves and celebrate what Christ did for us! Join us Sunday for worship at 9. Sunday night we'll be at FUMC for a join community Palm...

Takes a Team

Hey Everybody! Great day yesterday! Students, thank you for your service and thanks to everyone who helped support them go to camp! Thanks for being a part of our team.   We're joining together again Wednesday night from 6-8. Make plans now to be there. It will...

End of Week Happenings

Happy Thursday! There's lots of end week happenings going on. Let's be sure to remember to make the most of every opportunity. We may be busy but that also provides us brand new opportunities to share the Gospel. Your verse for the week is *Acts 7:53. What are we...

No Fool

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” Don’t be fooled by the world so as to forsake the work of God. Challenge this week: show an act of love to someone you normally don’t get along with. God is faithful, let’s join Him this...


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June 2019

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  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Community Rehab
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Community Rehab
  • Community Rehab
  • Community Rehab
  • Community Rehab
  • Community Rehab
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  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Home Groups
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
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  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Super Summer
  • Wednesday Night Restoration
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups
  • Home Groups

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